The Best Sales and Influence Books

Getting To Yes

getting to yesOne of the best sales books of the 20th century is Getting to Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury.

This book deals with the interpersonal element of the sales process, and can be a great resource for anyone who struggles with closing a sale, whether that’s a sale to a potential customer, or an agreement within your own company, or even a negotiation for a better salary or position.

They outline a few of the fundamental principles that are involved in every negotiation, and establish how a clear understanding of these principles can keep you in the driver’s seat at all times, so that you have a better chance of negotiating terms that are favorable to you or the business or organization you represent.

In their view, all negotiations break down into a certain set of rules. Both sides obviously want their way, but one side is usually more willing to give in than the other. The key to winning is to identify where your “opponent” has weaknesses, what they’re realistically going to concede and what they would never consider.

By identifying these points, you can create a strategy that will allow you to connect with the other individual, and create a solution is win-win for everyone. This tactic has proven extremely successful in negotiations of all levels, not just in sales, and the tips provided in this book are invaluable for anyone who consistently deals with interpersonal negotiations or sales.

How To Win Friends and Influence People

how to win friends and influence peopleThe second book to take note of if you’re trying to figure out how to improve your relationships with others and come up with favorable agreements for all parties involved in a negotiation or discussion, is the Dale Carnegie classic: How To Win Friends and Influence People.

This book provides the fundamental strategies you can use to set the stage for success in anything, business or personal. In fact, many of the nation’s leaders and wealthiest individuals, including Warren Buffet, established that this book was a key pillar in their philosophies of life, and essential to their success.

Carnegie’s principles, while not seemingly complicated, can be revolutionary in the way that you interact with others. Even incorporating a few subtle changes, such as praising by name but criticizing circumstances, not people, can be a wonderful influence on your own life.

There’s a great summary animation/explanation of the book in the video below!