Choosing a Business Book

business booksPeople purchase career, business, and finance books for a variety of reasons. Many are looking for a specific knowledge set or trying to improve a skill they need for the workplace, while others aren’t sure exactly what they’re searching for, but know they need to improve or change in some area of their lives. Others still purchase books due exclusively to recommendations from their peers or, in some cases, office pressure!

So why are you purchasing a book, and what should you look for? Here are a few tips to find out.

Identify Your Problem

The first and most important step in selecting the book that’s right for you is to have a crystal clear understanding of what problem you’re trying to solve.

Unfortunately, many don’t take this step and wind up reading books that are unrelated to their needs or worse, trying to apply the principles mentioned in a book to an area of life that the book wasn’t attempting to address!

Before you purchase your next business book, the first step is to narrow down what topic, specifically, you’re looking to conquer. Do you want to become a better salesperson? Improve your relationship with your business colleagues? Learn how to ask for a raise? Or learn to manage your money better?

Isolating just one of these problems at a time will help you to choose the learning path that’s right for you. If you’re looking to solve multiple problems, try prioritizing the list and creating a plan for your own improvement.

What Types of Answers Are You Looking For?

The second step is to identify not just your problem, but what types of answers you think will best suit your needs.

For example, if you’re trying to improve your sales skills, can you identify which part of the process you need to work on? Do you need to work on closing a sale from a warm lead, or getting more leads into the funnel?

The more you can identify how you want to solve your problem, the better you’ll be at choosing at book that works for you!